Kit Burke-Smith

Hand-fabricated jewelry made in Beacon, NY

it Burke-Smith first entered a metalsmithing studio when she was 12 years old and hasn’t left since.  She makes work that references elements of both drawing and sculpture.  These elements are transformed into wearable jewelry forms and usable art objects. The work seeks to be about line and plane, folding and unfolding, and positive and negative space. Kit is influenced by everyday moments and forms around her, like the shadows formed in her studio in the afternoon light and the asymmetry that occurs naturally in pairings in the organic world.  

Most of Kit’s forms begin as a paper model and that process is often still ingrained in the end result. Each piece is carefully and thoughtfully crafted by hand, constructed in sterling silver, gold, neoprene rubber and the occasional gemstone in her Hudson Valley studio using traditional jewelry techniques.  

She has received jewelry and metalsmithing degrees from Interlochen Arts Academy, Rhode Island School of Design, and SUNY New Paltz.  Kit Burke-Smith Jewelry is available online at