Cloth Factor

Custom sewing, Beacon, NY

Cloth Factor is a new Retail Sewing Studio located in Beacon NY. Run by Irina Siegel-Mozyleva, the business offers custom made clothes, alterations, and vintage reproductions.
Rooted in a Northern European fashion approach, the clothing design focuses on simplicity and function, with subtle design details.  The Tunics, Jumpers, Skirts, Dresses, and scarves are sewn from cotton, linen, silk blends, wool and other natural fibers.
Irina learned to sew as a necessity when she was a student at the Moscow Conservatory in the years following Perestroika, when every shelf of retail stores was empty.
Once in America, Irina continued to study and pursue her first passion and profession as an Opera Singer, but still continued to sew. She has been involved with a number of exciting fashion and sewing projects, and is excited to announce her new professional studio at the Beacon Lofts where she is establishing CLOTH FACTOR – a new business, a new chapter of her life!
Irina lives with her husband Aryeh Siegel and 17 year old daughter Leah, her two dogs, three cats and a fish.

Please, feel free to contact Irina to schedule a visit to Cloth Factor and let’s talk about a new garment made just for you!