Capobianco Designs

New Paltz, NY

It started with the idea of creating new tools for the new generation of knitters and fiber artists. But its turned into a whole new line of all sorts of tools. Using only sustainable woods and my own natural finish of organic jojoba oil ,and beeswax, I pair these pieces with earthy materials like stone and leather. This line is a sesnosory delight . Each tool is totally functional, and portable. Either worn as jewelry, hanging ffrom your bag, or for examle our safety pins can co-function as a scarf or sweater closures.

 The tools range form gauges to measurig tools even shuttles, lucets and Kumihimos. The jewelry has a beautiful clean sophisticated look and feel silky to the touch . They are ergonomic in use and even are scented for full sensorial experiance. These are not your grandmothers tools! Photo-etched and precise in their function. A great gift for sewers, quilters knittters in fact anyone who even uses a ruler. Photo-etched and portable and precise in their function. But you don't have use them to  own them or wear them . One gallery owner recently told me " I don't care what they do i just want all of them,  they are just amazing jewelry"